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Comment from: Farhan [Visitor]
FarhanWow..its really amazing .......i didnt use it yet but it look like very secure.:D
01/29/12 @ 12:44
Comment from: Ali Shaheen [Visitor]
Ali ShaheenQuite good and informative article.
01/29/12 @ 14:38
Comment from: Gladys Minkwater [Visitor]
Gladys MinkwaterIt does not matter one jot whether the behaviour is malicious or not. Trojan is as Trojan does. This piece of *** is not relevant to the application being installed, it is not announced and it is not wanted and its purpose is to do perform unwanted operations. It is, by definition a trojan. End of.

Now just let me break the fingers of the little *** that coded it and the equally odious *** that wanted to distribute it.
01/30/12 @ 10:59
Comment from: BlackBelt [Visitor]
BlackBeltThis isn't new. The Trojan concerned was first seen in June 2011. And
the claim that only Appriva and one other supplier detect it is simply not true.
It is detected under various names by at least half a dozen suppliers.

Admin's Note: We are referring to Android platform here, right?
01/31/12 @ 05:33

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