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Appriva Antivirus User Manual

Appriva AV is a light weight security solution to protect users from potential threats and privacy breaches in real-time,. aA brief overview of its features are is given below

Main Features

  • Cloud Antivirus
  • Scan Device
  • Current Threat Status
  • Privacy Dashboard
  • Backup Restore
  • Spam Defense

Cloud Antivirus

  • Protects Device from all threats in real time
  • Performs all the computation so the device is not burdened.

Scan Device

  • Start Scan allows you to scan all user installed applications on system
  • Scan Device intercepts all downloaded applications
  • Long-Tap allows you to view application details
  • Advisory link allows you to view details for malicious applications

Current Threat Status

  • Allows you to view summary report for installed applications
  • Long Tap allows you to view threat information and privacy details for malicious applications

Privacy Dashboard

  • View privacy ranking for each app
  • Long tap shows potential privacy details/risks
  • Re-scan button re-analyze the application
  • Remove Button Uninstalls malicious applications
  • Advisory link shows details for malicious applications
  • There are 5 Privacy Grades
  • No Privacy Issues
  • Minor Privacy Issues
  • Some Privacy Issues - aApp may access your private data, location, bookmarks, phone state, et al.
  • Serious Privacy Issues
  • Extreme Privacy Issues (Malicious)

Backup Restore

  • Settings page allows you to mark/unmark selected items for Backup/Restore operation
  • Backup Allows you to take backup of Contacts, SMS, Pictures and Applications on memory card.
  • - Restore Allows you to restore selected items from memory card

Spam Defense

  • Long Tap allows you to download Spam Defense from Android market
  • If Spam Defense is already installed, tapping this option would launch it.

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