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Secure Proposed as the Internet's Safe Spot

A security researcher has won investments of more than $9 million to incorporate a tightly policed section of the Internet reserved for banks, healthcare providers, and other groups that are regularly targeted in malware, phishing, and similar online attacks. Read More

Moobila launches 2 more Data and Privacy Protection Apps

1: Appriva AV - A cloud-based Antivirus and Privacy Advisor App for Android mobile phones. It is signature-less, lightweight and protects users against 0day threats when they attempt to download a new App to their mobile phone. Appriva AV features a premiere privacy advisory that assigns privacy grades to all Android Apps, enabling User to make an informed decision about installing (or not installing) an app without going into the complications of the app permissions and how the App to be installed is using them. Moreover, Appriva AV offers Backup & Restore for Apps, Texts and Pictures. Appriva AV is also fully interoperable with Appriva AV Spam Defense.

2: WiFi Security+ App - Provides you a security solution by analyzing your connected WiFi. It tells you whether the connected WiFi is Safe or Malicious.

3: Backup Restore Pro - Take Backup on and Restore from SkyDrive, Dropbox, and SD Card.

4: Appriva Spam Defense - A Client Side SMS/Call Filter App. Spam defense has a Lite and a full HD version. Lite version of Spam Defense has a very small memory print. This is for tech users who want more performance.

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