Appriva scans your phone for viruses and checks results against a live cloud database for suspicious files
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Many apps are known to extract your personal information. Appriva’s app grader identifies apps that are using your personal information.

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Secure Surfing

Browse the internet securely. Appriva secure surfing system protects your android device from malicious websites and applications.

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Backup your data with Appriva. Our cloud over-the-air backup system protects you from losing your data.

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Appriva Android Antivirus: A Complete Cloud Android Security Solution.


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What People Say About Appriva

  • I tried all the other android security apps but this one is the best and its FREE. GREAT JOB ON AN AWESOME ANTI VIRUS APP.
  • … it is every little bit as good … A really great idea for new age antivirus
  • … you never have to update your local database of signatures and that the app consumes less better than conventional security apps….

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  • Appriva Cloud Antivirus Automatically Scans all apps being downloaded /installed / updated for Trojans, Viruses, Spyware and all threats
  • Appriva Cloud Antivirus Detects and removes threats
  • Appriva Cloud Antivirus Requires no Signature Updates
  • Appriva Cloud Antivirus consumes the least amount of battery than any Security App on Android

Privacy Protection

Appriva Privacy Advisor is a unique feature that tells you what an app is doing with your phone information. Unlike most Privacy Advisors which tell you which app has access to what information, Appriva Privacy Advisor goes a step further and tells you which app is sending that information outside your phone.

  • You will be able to know how good your privacy compared to the rest of the world.
  • With Appriva Privacy Protection your phone remains on the lookout for apps that steal your private data. Like your Phone number, Location, tracking code etc
  • Appriva Privacy Advisor calculates footprint of each app downloaded on your phone.
  • Appriva Privacy Advisor each app gets Privacy grades depending on how much information it accesses
  • Appriva Privacy Advisor You will also see how much more or less information your device is revealing compared to the rest of Appriva Customers

Android Backup

Safely Backup & Restore your Contacts, Texts, Pictures and Apps

  • Restore to a different Android device.

Content Filters

  • With Appriva Spam Defense you can Block texts and calls from telemarketers and people you don’t want to talk to.
  • With Appriva Spam Defense you can maintain a blacklist and a white list of contacts and numbers to prevent spam and unwanted calls.

App Grades

Adobe Flash Player: A Safe 100%
Flaslight: B Watch List 80%
Angry Birds: A Safe 100%
Pandora: C Alert 70%
Unkown: F Alert 10%
Unkown: F Alert 50%





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